Why Choose GARQUEST Bowfishing Adventures?

1. We’ve been Bowfishing since 1984 and know the best spots at locations all over America.
2. We’re located in Texas because of the great variety of big fish – It’s the best place in the country to Bowfish!
3. We offer local trips – Catch Gar, Buffalo, Carp, Gasper ( Black Drum), and Sucker Fish.
4. We offer Trophy Trips – Exciting adventure trips where you fish for Alligator Gar that can reach 300 Lbs!
5. We have the best prices around! Check out our Pricing page to see just how great our prices are!
6. Bowfishing is a great way introduce kids to archery and is a fun family adventure for just about all ages!

Photos via our Facebook Posts from Recent Bowfishing Trips

Bowfishing is Family Fun for All Ages!

Marty’s Newest GARQUEST Boat

Bowfishing Interviews with Marty McIntyre
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Setting up a Bowfishing Bow and a Review of Bowfishing Tips and Points
Pro-Staff and Webmaster Dustin Warncke interviews Marty about his State and World Bowfishing Record Buffalo on Toledo Bend Lake in July 2011.

Texas Bowfishing at it’s Best!

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